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9th Espresso Webinar: City of Haarlem approach to data management

Webinar cancelled! City of Haarlem approach to data management Jan Koers The webinar presents the information infrastructure used tot guarantee continuous updating of open data, the challenges of data-governance and the principles to implement a governance structure based on the

Smart Cities Done Smarter

City planners weighing up their IoT platform options could be forgiven for feeling slightly owerwhelmed. According to the reserarch firm IoT Analytics, there are more than 360 different IoT platforms available worldwide. Of that number, more than 60 are targeted

ESPRESSO Project @ Cebit 2017

Save the Date: ESPRESSO Project will be presented during the CeBIT in Hannover 2017. You can join us at the 20th of March. For further information, keep an eye on our Twitter Channel:

8th ESPRESSO-Webinar on 19th of January at 11.00 a.m. CET

The CityKeys Project The aim of CITYkeys project was to develop and validate, with the aid of cities, a performance measurement framework for the common and transparent monitoring as well as the comparability of smart city solutions across European cities.

2nd part of the “The Smart City Strategic Growth Map” – ESPRESSO Tools

The second Part of the Strategic Growth Map is now available in the ESPRESSO Tools section. Who is the Strategic Growth Map for? The Strategic Growth Map is for decision-makers at city level. It’s also a programme-building tool, helping you to establish

7th ESPRESSO-Webinar on 15th of December at 03.00 p.m. CET

United for Smart Sustainable Cities (U4SSC) Dr. Lluisa Marsal Time: 3:00 PM CET U4SSC is a pre-standardisation activity supported by 16 UN agencies to help implement the New Urban Agenda. U4SSC advocates for public policies to encourage the use of

ESPRESSO at Smart City Expo World Congress

   Some impressions from ESPRESSO at Smart City World Congress in Barcelona. The feedback was very productive and the people were as well interested in joining SmaCStak.

The Smart City Strategic Growth Map – ESPRESSO Tools

Is your City Ready for Smart? Find out in out new version of the ESPRESSO Strategic Growth Map.   Who is the Strategic Growth Map for? The Strategic Growth Map is for decision-makers at city level. It’s also a programme-building tool,

6th ESPRESSO-Webinar on 10th of November at 10.00 CET

Smart City developments in the City of Tartu Rene Tonnisson The webinar will introduce the main Smart City developments in currently under implementation in City of Tartu including activities related to retrofitting, energy efficiency, electric mobility, citizen engagement and ICT

ESPRESSO-Atlas release

The first version of the ESPRESSO-Atlas is now available. The complete integration into the espresso website is done in the next few days. Find out more here.