ESPRESSO will host Webinars to key stakeholders for presenting changing recent projects’ discussions and results. The audience will include other SDOs and cities, ESPRESSO partners other ESPRESSO’s Supporting Organizations and members from relevant virtual communities. The Webinars will be held on monthly basis starting in June 2016.

ESPRESSO Webinar#8 Part 1The City Keys Project (Part 1)PDF2016-01-19
ESPRESSO Webinar#8 Part 2The City Keys Project (Part 2)PDF2016-01-19
ESPRESSO Webinar#8 Part 3The City Keys Project (Part 3)PDF2016-01-19
ESPRESSO Webinar#5Smart City Solutions Funding & Procurement, pwcPDF2016-10-14
ESPRESSO Webinar#4Smart City Standards and Architecture, Ordance SurveyPDF2016-09-09
ESPRESSO Webinar#3Geo Information management from hypes to solutions in RotterdamPDF
ESPRESSO Webinar#2Smart City indicators, ISOCARPPDF2016-07-21
ESPRESSO Webinar#1Webinar#1 message from the CoordinatorPDF2016-06-17