Who is working within ESPRESSO and what is Stakeholder Community?

ESPRESSO forms a network of stakeholders and experts (SmaCStak) with a dedicated Smart City coordination group and which facilitates communication between project participants and external stakeholders such as cities, standardisation organizations or other EU-projects. As member of the SmaCStak, you initiate topics for the discussion in the interdisciplinary ESPRESSO-network by providing  a virtual “collaboratorium” which aims to share ideas, resources, and explore possible cooperations. In addition to that, the Atlas of Smart Cities provides an overview about relevant examples within Europe. To strengthen the virtual hub, ESPRESSO will promote also periodical events such as workshops, plenary discussions.

We will address subjects of crucial interest for the development of the ESPRESSO project and that will be suggested by the SmaCStak Coordination Group and Work package leaders. So based on the priorities of ESPRESSO, the SmaCSTaK members will be required to express their opinions and share their comments on various aspects of smart cities and open standards.

Any contribution coming from its members and relevant for the community is welcome. SmaCStak members are indeed encouraged to share their comments, actively participate and invite colleagues to the discussion. Specifically, we would like to boost:

  • Dialogue between different stakeholders SMEs, research centres, investors.
  • Identification and sharing of best practices (technological, administrative, regulatory etc.).
  • Engagement of market players and stakeholders’ communities.

SmaCStak members will receive a regular newsletter highlighting interesting opportunities, activities, news and events. The same will be also shared via Twitter and Linkedin.