Technical and economical goals


Development of an Information and Business Framework

ESPRESSO develops a common language/shared vocabulary and a city information & indicator platform which can be adopted by your city . Furthermore, a business framework will be developed which can be used by cities and industries as well as a strategic growth map for cites to assess their maturity. It will also allow them to reference practical approachesĀ  enabling them to reach the desired maturity for the city themes they wish to pursue.

Existing as well as emerging economic, financial and procurement models can be applied in various sectorial services of actual and future Smart City scenarios. This task aims at presenting innovative models, which allow to make an optimal use of Smart City services through standard protocols: the most relevant and novel approach in terms of economic, financial and procurement models will be collected and presented, in order to share best practices and further advance towards innovative Smart City standards!

The Espresso Smart City Stakeholder community has a key role in influencing all workpackages and for this workpackage we see value coming from information and contribution relating to:

  • Innovative funding and procurement models including crowdfunding being explored or implemented
  • Maturity models being considered or in play within Cities
  • Exploitation and adaptation of existing standards

Please get involved! Your contribution is valued and critical for success.