What is the scope of ESPRESSO?

ESPRESSO wants to define the scope of the project by analyzing sectorial systems, defining use cases and test scenarios, and building a conceptual standardized interoperable framework by evaluating the current standards landscape including gap analysis, and design pilots, which will be used to run test scenarios with the project partner cities to make practical experiences with the currently available set of standards and technologies.

One of the key objectives of ESPRESSO is to identify a collection of open standards that work well together (“conceptual standards framework”), having been proven to help smart cities, and of course to identify gaps and weaknesses in the framework of available standards. We have started by reading a lot of reports from organisations and networks, and now we’d like you to contribute your experience, as a city or community. Wherever you are on your journey, and whatever route you’ve taken to get there, we would like your input. At this stage we are interested in “conceptual” standards, i.e. business processes, monitoring and indicators, information models – not the technical computing standards. It would be most effective if we get a single response from each city, but don’t worry if you end up submitting two or more. If you know reasonably well what standards (or other approaches) your city has taken, we believe it should take no more than thirty minutes to help us in this way.

Please begin at https://response.questback.com/ordnancesurvey/smartcitiessurvey